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Waste in Tones
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Rotor blade recycling

What most people don’t know: Wind energy is green, 
but discarded rotor blades are an environmental disaster.

More and more wind turbines need to be built around the world to combat the impending climate collapse. At the same time, obsolete windmills must be decommissioned. By 2023, up to 60,000 tons of rotor blades are expected to have to be disposed of in Europe.

This is a huge problem we are facing!

Why is this a problem?

Rotor blades are made of glass fiber composites based on thermosets. Thermosets cannot be thermoformed or recycled. Appropriate attempts fail:

1. thermal recycling,
2. disposal in concrete or cement kilns
3. flammable and environmentally harmful solvents.

Our process

With our process, we can convert rotor blades at room temperature.
  • Obsolete Windmills

  • Deconstruction

  • Billionpeople Process

  • New material

Our technology transforms secondary raw materials into new thermosets.
From these thermosets, we produce stud frames for photovoltaic systems or structural construction elements.

Our material, like thermosets in general, is characterized by the following properties:

      • UV resistance
      • The process does not require solvents and needs only CO-neutral electricity from wind power.
      • deformation stability
      • no corrosion
      • no microplastic
      • torsion stability and does not contain plasticizers that are leached and exhaled into nature.
Zero Waste

Up-cycling of duroplasts/thermoplasts.

Recycles 100%

Of all blade components: GFK and CFK


Produces new construction materials.


No chemicals, uses only renewable electricity.

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