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We turn wind power into true green energy.

Billionpeople PLC is working on its IPO in London and New York in 2022. We have successfully completed our proof of concept and are now building our first production site for the wind blades recycling in the Netherlands with a capacity of 100 tons per year. The plan is  to increase our processing capacity year after year on a non-linear scale and we plan to set-up these facilities worldwide to address this market need.

We will create a true circular economy by using the decommissioned wind blades that have more than 90% composite material. This composite material consists of – among other polymer composite reinforced with glass fibers and some are reinforced with carbon fiber. We see that somewhere between 8 and 13.4 tons of composite material would be used per installed MW wind turbine.

With a maximum average wind turbine service life of 20–25 years there is market need to recycle more than 100.000 tones/year of composite waste and this amount is expected to dramatically increase year after year.

Among all approaches of integrated solar photovoltaic, agrivoltaics harbors the greatest potential as it will allow the simultaneous use of land for both agriculture and photovoltaic power generation. Like the case of ground-mounted PV systems, an agrivoltaics system will be realized with a rigid mounting structure.

For example, in Germany around four percent of arable land is needed to cover its current total electricity demand or about 500 GW installed capacity.

The costs of agrivoltaics are however higher compared to a conventional ground-mounted photovoltaic system, mainly due to more elaborate mounting structure. Billionpeople will deliver with its patented technology mounting systems made from wind blades to reduce the overall cost of agrivoltaics below 0,06 per kWh and make this the preferred choice for solar parks worldwide.

Through our focus on renewable materials from upcycling wind blades, Billionpeople business will benefit from the up-cycling (payments to take wind blades), generation of carbon credits and finally, revenues from solar parks using our mounting systems.  A true circular economy starting with recycling the wind mill blades that would otherwise find their way to a landfill to forming a key component of renewable solar energy parks.

That’s our mission, that’s our way and we will bring a solution for – so invest in our future – invest in a solution for Billionpeople.

With our patented UPCYCLING process, we can convert rotor blades into resin. This resin can then be processed into new thermosets and used, for example, for the production of floors, building materials or glass fibre plastics. This creates a perfect circular economy.



No more waste pollution.



No CO2 emissions from waste incineration.


circular economy

Direct feed-in into the circular economy.


Green Energy

True green energy.

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