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BillionPeople has revolutionised upcycling wind blades, where end-of-life products become raw materials for solar farm support systems.

  • No more unusable waste from wind turbine blades and less metal for the construction of solar systems. We reduce the vast carbon footprint of wind and solar energy construction.

  • BillionPeople provides a revolutionised patented technology for the complete upcycling of wind blades, which no one has successfully done before.

  • The composite materials of wind blades including carbon and glass fibres are turned into resins. The process is robust, reliable and affordable while processed at room temperature, thus having a very low energy consumption. 

  • Our resins are of high quality and replace metals such as steel and aluminium which are frequently used for solar park construction, saving energy and allowing us to decrease realisation cost significantly.

  • Our material itself can be fully recycled infinite times, creating a true running circular economy.

  • Bringing the material back into the combined agri-energy sector produces synergistic effects, as the shading of the fields retains moisture and leads to a higher yield. The material has no negative impact on the environment.

  • We thereby contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals & the EU Green Deal elements. 


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Recycling of (Carbon) Fibre Composites

PROJECT DESCRIPTION BACKGROUND OBJECTIVES   THEMES Resource efficiency Waste recycling Circular economy and Value chains Industrial waste Beteiligte: Life CarbonGreen, BlueExprt, EU-Project, Vattenfall Vorhaben/Ziel: Aufgabe/Prozess: Turbine blades from Dutch Wind farm Irene Vorrink will be the first to enter the recycling process and turned into skis, snowboards and construction materials for solar farms. Billionpeople […]