As specialists in nanotechnology concepts, we develop solutions for the world of tomorrow.


Don’t stay behind.


Clean Energy, 


Circular Economy.


Innovation to scale up.

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The solution is always easier than the problem. We learn from nature.

About Billionpeople

Understand its’ principles and functions, apply them to existing problems and develop them further. In this way, BillionPeople solves human problems scientifically, cost-effectively and scalable.

At BillionPeople, unique know-how is combined and used in an interdisciplinary team. We see social issues and problems as challenges. Finding promising answers to these challenges drives us.

As responsible scientists and entrepreneurs, we commit to solutions in a highly complex world that are sustainable and inexpensive. Our core belief is that all people can benefit from our technologies. We put ourselves at the service of the people.

Our responsibility is for billion people.

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Eduard Schubert

Prof. Dr. Gregor Luthe

Ludwin Daal MSc